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5 Core Exercises Young Athletes Should Be Using Instead of Sit-Ups

This much I know—core exercises for youth athletes are butchered all the time. Whether this is because trainers are not teaching them well enough...

Geno Auriemma's '$100 Bill' Tactic Helps Young Players Discover What True Hustle Feels Like

Geno Auriemma is arguably the most successful college basketball coach in history. Since becoming head coach of the University of Connecticut Huski...

Heat Injuries Can Be Deadly. Here's How to Recognize, Treat and Prevent Them

Heat injuries are a serious issue, particularly for athletes. Let's look at some key facts: "There's no excuse for any number of heat stroke d...

Youth Sports Coaches Need to Take the Negativity out of 'Accountability'

Every coach I've ever met talks about accountability at one point or another. However, many of them use it largely in negative terms: "You did some...

Told a Player Something 'A Hundred Times' And They Still Don't Get It? Time To Re-Think Your Coaching

Coaching can be difficult. Very difficult. Coaches want to help athletes reach their full potential and accomplish great things individually and...

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Erik Phillips’ Youth Training Philosophy

Owner of SportXcel and S+C coach for the Phoenix Suns Erik Phillips discusses his training philosophy for younger athletes and how it coincides with his training for the pros.

Youth Invatational 2004

Me balling at Heathrow Youth invatational 2004, wrong date on footage, it says 2002