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Unlock Greater Athleticism and Durability With 3 Adductor-Strengthening Exercises

Any athlete who competes in a sport that involves dynamic cutting and change of direction is susceptible to groin injuries. Strength coaches have lear...

By: Jay Mendoza

3 Exercises to Rehab a Groin Pull

A twist to the right, a sharp turn  or a pivot could set you up to score—or mess up your groin. Ranging from mild strains to sports-induced hernias...

By: Andy Haley

2 Groin Exercises That Will Improve Agility and Prevent Injuries

Slideboard Side squat Aside from those god-awful adduction/abduction machines which gather dust in the corners far displaced from the other equipment,...

By: Alex Nurse

How to Treat the Nagging Groin Pain Known as Pectineus Muscle Soreness

Prevention and Recovery Tips for Common Pectineus Muscle Soreness By Jim Carpentier, CSCS A common complaint from athletes in many sports is pectineus...

By: Jim Carpentier

3 Off-Ice Exercises to Prevent Hockey Hip Injuries

Research has shown that over 90% of recorded groin and abdominal strain injuries in the NHL occur in non-contact situations. Even worse, the amount of...

By: Yunus Barisik

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STACK Sports Health: How to Rehab a Groin Pull

Dr. Matt Stevens provides a three-exercise strategy to rehab a groin injury.

Lower-Body Prehab With NFL RB Ryan Mathews

For Lower-Body Prehab, San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews performs an Adductor Stretch, Standing Calf Raises and Single-Leg, Three-Way Balance Reach with coaching by corrective exercise specialist Scott Mitchell.

Quarterback Slideboard Drill With Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees performs the Slideboard With Catches during the off-season with coaching by Todd Durkin.

Steve Gregory Bodyweight Leg Circuit

Steve Gregory, safety for the San Diego Chargers, performs a Bodyweight Leg Circuit with coaching by Jeff Hurd.

NFL DB Core Strength: Steve Gregory Physioball Hip Rolls

San Diego Chargers safety Steve Gregory performs Physioball Hip Rolls with coaching by Jeff Hurd.