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3 Supersets That Guarantee Big Gains for Athletes

If you've ever stepped foot in a weightroom, odds are you're familiar with supersets. A superset is a training method that calls for performing a f...

By: Brandon Hall

Why Athletes Shouldn't Always be Concerned With Lifting Heavy Weights

Why Weight Lifting Matters the Least for an Athlete Lee Boyce Call it clickbait. Say what you will. We all know that hitting the weight room is a smart...

By: Lee Boyce

Test Your Lower-Body Strength With the Goblet Squat Challenge

There's a good chance you're not strong enough to Back Squat. Yet, this is the first Squat variation that many you will attempt if you haven't already...

By: Andy Haley

5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Better Workouts

Crushing a workout is one of the best feelings a person can have. You leave the gym or weight room soaked with sweat, satisfied you put forth an aw...

By: Brandon Hall

10 Things the Strongest Athletes in the Weight Room Have in Common

On every team—or in a weight room—there's always a group of athletes who are stronger than the pack. It might seem like these athletes were gifted...

By: Andy Haley

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Strength Training Tips for High School Athletes

Dave Morgan, president of Enhanced Fitness and Performance in Cleveland, Ohio, offers training advice for high school athletes.

Mario Manningham: Making Sacrifices

New York Giants WR Mario Manningham explains why he chose to train in Cleveland and what skills he needed to improve for the NFL Combine.

Kevin Robinson Decline Pole Sit-Up

As part of his core training, Kevin Robinson performs the Decline Pole Sit-Up to strengthen the muscles in his core and explains how to perform the exercise.

Kevin Robinson Dumbbell Incline Press

BMX pro rider Kevin Robinson performs the Dumbbell Incline Press and explains how to perform the exercise properly and how it benefits his body.

Kevin Robinson Torso Rotation

BMXer Kevin Robinson performs the Torso Rotation exercise as part of his core training to achieve full flexibility and strength in the entire core region.