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Why Young Athletes Should Utilize the Lateral Plyometric Jump

All too often, athletes ignore lateral movement in their training. Why? Well, with literally thousands of exercises and drills at their disposal, a...

Are Bad Landing Mechanics Slowly Breaking Down Your Body?

In the world of sports performance, we're obsessed with force production. How much force can our muscles produce, and how fast can they do it? J...

How The 'Snap Down' Drill Builds Explosive Athletes From the Ground Up

For athletes to truly grasp what it takes to be faster, more explosive and more agile, they must understand the relationship between their feet and th...

3 Common Box Jump Mistakes That Might Be Holding You Back

The Box Jump is a popular exercise for athletes of all ages. In recent years, a number of viral videos have shown athletes jumping onto absurdly hi...

Watch Jaguars CB A.J. Bouye Perform a 44-Inch Single-Leg Box Jump

Though the NFL offseason can feel like it will never end, especially as the calendar flips to July and training camp beckons at the end of the mon...

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Shawn Horcoff Box Toe Touches

Edmonton Oilers all-star center Shawn Horcoff performs Box Toe Touches as part of his off-season endurance circuit.

Shawn Horcoff Lateral Box Jumps

Edmonton Oilers all-star center Shawn Horcoff performs Lateral Box Jumps as part of his off-season endurance circuit.

Nike SPARQ Basketball, Box Jumps

Alan Stein strength and conditioning coach at Montrose Christian and Nike SPARQ trainer, explains the proper technique when box jumping.

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