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How to Master the Basketball Jab Step

For most young basketball players, the ability to leave a defender in the dust is a performance goal. But few are fast and agile enough to blow by ...

How Basketball Players Can Improve Their On-Court Decision-Making Skills

Decision-making is a skill that consists of reaction and the ability to read the situation. One thing I notice when working with young basketball p...

4 Things Youth Basketball Players Should Work on Every Single Day

There are four offensive traits every good basketball player should have. They are: A move that can create an opportunity in 2 seconds or less...

3 Keys for Developing a Fast First Step in Basketball

"He has a quick first step!" You hear it all the time from coaches who've just watched their defense get burnt to a crisp. Having an unstoppable fi...

How to Master Russell Westbrook's Hesitation Crossover

Finding themselves matched up with Russell Westbrook in isolation would be a nightmare for even the NBA's most fierce defenders. Via GIPHY The ...

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NBA Coach Mike Brown: "Parents Need to Let Their Kids Lead Post-Game Conversations"

In this video from the Positive Coaching Alliance, NBA coach Mike Brown reveals why parents need to give their kids some space after a game or practice as opposed to barraging them with what they need to do better.

Brad Stevens Offers Crucial Advice To New Coaches

New to coaching or just coaching a new team? Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has some valuable advice for you.

3-Point Shooting Drills with Maya Moore

2014 WNBA MVP Maya Moore shows you the 3-point shooting drills that make her more accurate and better conditioned.

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Alabama point guard Collin Sexton reflects on his Nike EYBL experience and talks about his goals for the future.

How Majok Deng Escaped Sudan to Become a Top Basketball Prospect in the U.S.

The South Sudan native escaped the worn-torn country and has become one of the top basketball prospects in the United States.