Strength Training Videos

Because muscular strength is a key driver of speed, power and athletic performance, elite athletes regularly perform workouts with the goal to improve their strength. Such workouts improve muscle size, mass, strength and power, while also helping to prevent injury. Strength training exercises typically involve pushing, pulling or lifting external weight in the form of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and med balls. Bodyweight and resistance band exercises are also effective. Athletes generally target the muscles of the lower body, upper body and core that are used in competition. Find advice about the best ways to increase strength from today's top coaches and elite athletes.

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STACK Sports Health: Get Rid of Hip Pain During Squats

These two mobility drills will fix hip pinching or pain when squatting.

How UFC Newcomer Bobby Nash Plans to Dominate His Opponents With Superior Conditioning and a Relentless Fighting Style

Bobby Nash has only fought one UFC fight, but plans to use his superior conditioning and work ethic to take the sport by storm.

UFC Fighter Bobby Nash's MMA Strength and Conditioning Workout

Get a behind-the-scenes look at UFC Fighter Bobby Nash's brutal full-body workout that is helping him achieve his goal of becoming the fittest fighter in the UFC.

Build Full-Body Strength With This Superset From UFC Fighter Bobby Nash

UFC Fighter Bobby Nash performs the Iso Arnold Press and Single-Leg RDL to Row to improve his full-body strength.

Improve Your Conditioning and Torch Fat With UFC Fighter Bobby Nash's Brutal Workout Finisher

Strength coach Ben Boudro puts UFC Fighter Bobby Nash through a brutal five-exercise circuit that challenges the entire body, improves conditioning and builds mental toughness.

Get Stronger With UFC Fighter Bobby Nash's Pull-Up and Lunge Superset

This superset, performed by UFC Fighter Bobby Nash, will improve back, grip, core and leg strength.

UFC Fighter Bobby Nash's Lower-Body and Core Strength Superset

Learn how UFC Fighter Bobby Nash improves his lower-body and core strength with Trap Bar Deadlifts and an advanced Plank variation.

UFC Fighter Bobby Nash's Med Ball Throws for Improved Striking Power

UFC Fighter Bobby Nash improves his striking power with two med ball drills that develop explosiveness, core strength and balance.

UFC Fighter Bobby Nash's Speed Ladder Warm-Up

Warm up for your workout with UFC Fighter Bobby Nash's speed ladder routine, which is design to elevate your heart rate, warm up your muscles and improve the mind-muscle connection.

How UFC Fighter Bobby Nash Improves His Mobility

UFC Fighter Bobby Nashes performs a four-exercise mobility routine before his MMA workout to improve his range of motion and flexibility.