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What Every Athlete and Coach Can Learn From the Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are in the Stanley Cup Finals. If you predicted it seven months ago, it would've come off as satire. After all, the Go...

By: Brandon Hall

Fred Jackson Never Started a Game in High School, Then He Went on To Play a Decade in the NFL

It was Fred Jackson's senior year at Lamar High School in Houston, Texas, and he was listed as the team's third-string running back. Yes, the same ...

By: Brandon Hall

Minkah Fitzpatrick's High School Coach Shares an Awesome Anecdote About His Work Ethic

Minkah Fitzpatrick is addicted to the grind. It's what made him a two-time All-American at the University of Alabama and why the Miami Dolphins fel...

By: Brandon Hall

Josh Allen's Dream School Never Offered Him a Scholarship—and That Still Drives Him to This Day

Josh Allen entered high school as a scrawny 5-foot-10, 130-pound freshman. But the fact he was small for his age never stopped him from dreaming bi...

By: Brandon Hall

Connor Williams Overcame Bullying by Transforming His Body and Making it to the NFL

Connor Williams is a living lesson in perseverance. Growing up with a speech impediment, Williams didn't say much as a kid. He was also quite a bit...

By: Brandon Hall

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NBA Coach Mike Brown: "Parents Need to Let Their Kids Lead Post-Game Conversations"

NBA coach Mike Brown reveals why parents need to give their kids some space after a game or practice as opposed to barraging them with what they need to do better.

How Marcus Davenport Put on 60 Pounds of Muscle and Became an Elite Defensive End

When he arrived at UTSA, Davenport was a rail-thin 196 pounds. Four years and 60+ pounds later, he's blossomed into an elite defensive end with a bright NFL future.

With a Lightning-Quick First Step, Maurice Hurst is Ready to Disrupt The NFL

Former Michigan DT Maurice Hurst has an uncanny ability to get in the backfield almost immediately after the snap, a skill he's been honing his entire life.

Ronald Jones is Out To Prove He Can Be The NFL's Next Do-It-All Back

Concerns that Ronald Jones was too small to handle a serious workload have followed him since his high school days, but he's proved the doubters wrong at every turn. Now, he's ready to prove he can be the NFL's next great running back.

The Young Pro: Christian Kirk Has Been Working Like an NFL Veteran His Entire Life

Work ethic, wisdom, leadership, talent—Christian Kirk has always been years ahead of his competition. Now that he's set to play in the NFL, how will he separate himself from the best in the world?